Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am often asked how the Cable-Tite system compares with other systems. My first answer is that it's so much better there isn't even a comparison....ha! But seriously.....some of you want to know. So here's my answer:

There are three types of tie-down systems being marketed: the galvanized metal fasteners, threaded rods, and cables. Cable-Tite is a system that outshines all three in ease, cost, and efficiency.

The galvanized metal connectors are the most poplar because of price and they are readily available at most lumber suppliers, Lowes, and Home Depot. They are time consuming to install because they require many nails. They are only as strong as the weakest point, which in most cases is about ½ the strength of the wood. They satisfy the minimum requirements for codes approvals.

For the better builders, the threaded rods seem to be used more frequently. They are even more time consuming to install than the connectors because the rods must be exactly straight to be secured tightly. The rods are not flexible. They need to be ordered prior to construction if lengths are greater than normal inventory, and cut on-site. Since there are several parts to the threaded rod system, care needs to be taken to order all the pieces to install correctly. There are some problems with accumulated compression, and in order to address it in 2 or 3 story applications, those connectors are expensive.

There are some cable tie-down systems. They require advance ordering because they are cut to length, and are a time consuming installation. They require expensive epoxy glue and 24+ hour wait. The systems have little room for error in lengths.

The Cable-Tite tie-down system uses the patented cam locking cap and vise that is easy to install, flexible in lengths, and cost efficient. It requires no pre-order. It can be installed in minutes by your own crews. Since cable is cut to length on-site, it is adaptable to any ceiling height. There are no bulky parts to store. And, it exceeds codes requirements with over twice the uplift protection. It is simple to order because the same 5 parts fit all applications.

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