Friday, May 22, 2009

Building Site Lunch HUGE success!

May 19, 2009 - The lunch open house at 931 Lake Park Drive hosted by Cable-Tite and Fred Yates Homes was a HUGE success. It was attended by other builders, architects, designers, inspectors, and community leaders. The purpose of this lunch was to aquaint the local community of builders and home owners with our Cable-Tite system. It is a tie-down system that attaches to the anchor bolt and the top plate. It's designed to secure the house from high-wind uplift caused by straight line winds or hurricane force winds in high-wind regions.
The house has 61 Cable-Tite systems installed in the walls and everyone enjoyed walking around and seeing them first hand. And "twang-ing" the cables. It's easy to see how this eliminates the need for all those time consuming and labor intensive hurricane clips and tie-downs other anchor systems require.
The house also has 38 Telajack posts, featured in the basement and on the deck. Cable-Tite and Telajack work together inside columns because one is holding the roof up and the other holding it down.
Above photo shows the Cable-Tite boys in yellow and Mr. Fred Yates. Everyone has profited in the partnership.
The house is still available for inspection for a couple more weeks, for anyone that missed our event and has a desire to see it. Please don't drop me or Fred first. Call me 451-9080 I'm happy to give you a tour, but strawberry pie! (you really missed something there)