Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Got the Blues????

Today's blog is a little different, but informative. As you know, Gallatin, TN is the home of Cable-Tite. But did you know Clarksdale, Mississippi is the home of the Blues. Check it out! http://www.shackupinn.com/

And if you love the blues, you will love Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale. Each room is a refurbished cabin, rugged on the outside as in by gone days, but clean, comfortable, and cozy inside. It's a great weekend getaway to listen to some authentic blues music played all over town. And spend the night in a cabin.

Now, we can add "safe" to the description. Recently they added Cable-Tite to the newly constructed cabins. You will notice in the photo that the cabins are sitting on piers. The owners were concerned about uplift protection from high winds and hurricanes. They contacted us and we worked out a plan for Cable-Tite usage to tie-down the cabins. Anchor bolts were installed into concrete beside the piers, and cable extended to the top plate. The flexibility of Cable-Tite makes it the only hurricane tie-down system that would meet construction codes for uplift protection.

Visit Clarksdale and the Shack Up Inn. Stick your head under the cabins and see the Cable-Tite system. Hopefully, you won't need it, but just in case, you know it's there. At the Shack Up Inn or at your house.......Cable-Tite offers peace of mind. (sorry, we don't offer "Blues")