Monday, March 1, 2010


YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Today our "official" Evaluation Report came, Report #0170, and is posted on our website. It is amazing that it has taken our own in-house testing during 2008, Smith-Emery Laboratory testing in April 2009, and further review and scrutiny until today.....March 1, 2010 to receive an "official" response from IAPMO, an Evaluation Service. Nevertheless, the claim that we made in the beginning has now verified. Cable-tite has been dissected many ways to get the same conclusion.....Cable-Tite is the best, most robust system for anchor tie downs of your new home to offer high wind protection typical of a hurricane over 150 MPH. It meets and exceeds all construction codes for hurricane tie-down systems in the high wind regions for uplift protection.

Designed, tested, proven, and today.....stamped OFFICIAL!