Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IAPMO Evaluation Report - News Release


Gallatin, TN – On March 1, 2010 the IAPMO Certification Board issued an Evaluation Report which certifies that Cable-Tite meets the International Building Code for residential wood-frame construction in high-wind regions. IAPMO reviewed the certified Smith-Emery Laboratories test results with their engineering staff and determined that Cable-Tite’s claim as a hurricane hold-down system was true. The report, number 0170, is available to read online at

New home builders continue to search for the most robust system for protection from uplift caused by high winds. There is a good, better, and best approach for what they choose. The metal hurricane clips are a good system that allows for minimum protection. The threaded rods offer better protection but are difficult to install. The best system is the “Cable-Tite” system that uses cables to create a continuous path from the roof to the foundation.

“Other current methods are time consuming and expensive. Cable-Tite is an easy system to install, in about half the time, and offers better protection”, says Dale Richardson, Business Development Director at Cable-Tite. “The high-strength steel cable is attached to the top plate and held securely in place with our patented cam locking cap and nut screwed to the concrete embedded anchor bolt.”

With the recent certification, engineers, builders, codes inspectors, and ultimately, home owners can request and use Cable-Tite Tie-Down Systems with confidence.