Monday, October 26, 2009

Product EXPO - October 22

Houston - The Product EXPO at the Sam Houston Racetrack on October 22 was an excellent success. Thanks so much to all the GHBA builders who came by and talked to me about hurricane tie downs and the Cabletite system for uplift protection. Mr. Jay Conner with MLAW Engineering in Austin helped me man the booth and was also thankful for those who came by the discuss windstorm engineering.

We had some displays available for demonstration of the cable attachment to the anchor bolts and the top plate and the vise that holds the cable. There were several who asked how the cable meets construction codes for high-wind areas. With it's 3200 lb hold-down strength, it far exceeds codes requirements, and is much more robust than hurricane clips. We look forward to working with several new home builders in the Houston area in the weeks and months ahead.