Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornado in Cleveland TN.

Wednesday afternoon a tornado touched down in Cleveland TN, near my daughter's house. She sent me a photo of damages to a house nearby. I am posting it because this is a classical mistake in building codes, and a mistake that Cable-tite can correct. Look at the close-up on the left of the foundation. Notice that the top block is still attached to the house. This is because the anchor bolts were set in the top row. They held......but what didn't hold was the mortar joint.

The sad part is that this house is built "to codes". At Cable-tite, we have pushed to build "beyond codes". If the builder had installed the anchor bolts into the footers (or slab) and attached Cable-tite to them with extended cable attached to the top plate, this problem would have been avoided. The cost during construction for Cable-tite could have been approximately $1000, and the house would have been secure.

Cable-tite is not considered tornado protection. A heavier wind would have destroyed the house with or without Cable-tite. But in this particular case, it would have saved the house.

For builders reading this.....please.....sink the anchor bolts into the footers, EVEN if you chose not to use our products. There is virtually no cost for doing that. Call me and I'll help guide you in building a more secure home.

Homeowners.....ask for Cable-tite by name. Cable-tite is the leader in hurricane protection and straight line winds that create uplift. This most recent flurry of tornadoes had straight-line winds, some over 100 MPH in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Cable-tite is concerned about your safety.