Monday, February 15, 2010

More Cable-tite 101 Tips

This is a Cable-tite tip for installing Cable-tite on a porch or deck or in any area that doesn't have a traditional top plate.

In this house being built by Ronald Deutch shown at the left, there were 2 - 2x12's used to support the roof rafters. They are sitting on top of a site-built column. We drilled a 1/2" hole in the crack between the two 2x12's for the cable to install between the anchor bolts and the top plate. The problem in this case was the inability to drill a one inch hole for the cable vise to sit. The roof was already constructed and there wasn't room for a drill.

We found two scraps of 2x4 and nailed them together. Then, drilled a one inch hole in them. They fit perfectly on top of the 2x12's and allowed the vise and steel top plate to sit properly. Once the cable was locked it was installed correctly.

This is yet another reason Cable-tite is the preferred cable tie-down system for builders who need uplift protection from straight-line and hurricane winds in high wind zone areas. The system is flexible on site, and didn't add more than 5 minutes to the installation.