Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The case FOR home ownership

TIME magazine published a story in Sept 6, 2010 issue about the loss of the American dream of home ownership. Not only was it a discouraging article, it was wrong! There is nothing more central to the American way of life than home ownership, and that dream is just as alive today as ever. Young couples can take advantage of the lower interest rates to make home ownership affordable. It gives them a root for growing their families and establishing a stable community.

TIME looked at home ownership as an investment, from a financial side. True that prices haven't escalated as in the past, but it is still a sound investment. A home is far more than a financial investment. It is an investment in the family, which still today, is the American Dream.

Home building has a strong economic impact on the local economy. This is why Obama and the economic stimulus package gives rebates and tax credits to new buyers. The growth of new home construction, some say, will have the greatest impact on overall American economic recovery. Home owners paying real estate taxes are the primary source of local government funds. More home owners, more money in the local ecomony for better schools, better roads, better community!

Studies show that home owners are keeping their houses longer. Therefore, it would make more sense to build a better, more secure home. Spend a few extra dollars to build beyond codes. that includes adding the best hurricane tie-down system available, Cable-Tite. It was designed by engineers to exceed construction codes for protection from high wind uplift by using cables attached from the top plate to the anchor bolts for maximum protection.

Buy a new home with confidence about your investment in your family and your future, and insist on Cable-Tite uplift protection.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dale Returns.....

Some of you are probably wondering why there haven't been any recent blogs about the goings-on at Cable-tite. I was gone for a few months working on another unrelated project. But, alas.....I'm back, and continuing to post about all the benefits of using the Cable-tite system of hurricane tie-downs for new home construction uplift protection in high wind regions. I will continue to tout the benefits and ease of using Cable-tite over traditional hurricane clips or threaded rods. Your comments are always welcome whether you are a home owner, new home builder, an architect, or an engineer. "Cable-tite - exceeding codes"