Monday, October 10, 2011

American Made!

Quite often I am asked where "Cable-Tite" is made. The answer: Gallatin, Tennessee. You may wonder why a foundry in Gallatin TN manufactures a hurricane tie-down system that's used in high wind regions outside of Gallatin TN.

We are first of all, a foundry, started in the 1950's making steel parts for a number of industries, including military, automotive, aircraft, and nuclear plants. A new home builder came to us to solve the problem of hurricane tie-down systems that were either difficult to install or lacked hold-down capabilities.

As a result, our engineers patented this cable tie-down system for uplift protection to meet a demand for better protection than current systems that use stamped aluminum hurricane clips or threaded rods. At Cable-Tite we love to say that we exceed codes, that we are better than we have to be, and "that it's not tight, until it's Cable Tite"

The three steel parts, the anchor nut, the anchor cap, and the top plate are made from poured steel in our foundry, the same basic steel materials used for tanks and machine guns. Steel, poured at 2800 degrees, not stamped out aluminum clips. The cable vises are made for us in Chicago.

So, when we say "Made in America" it is!!! Buy America!!!!